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Mark Lawrence 


It was a snowy day in April of 1968. One of New York's worst storms when Mark was born to which the world would never be the same. His mother, Sylvia Lawrence was the mentor and art teacher who guided his life.  She taught her youngest boy not only to read and write but to understand the beauty of the world through art. She versed him in oil painting, water color, acrylic paint, music and the art of food.

Mark challenged his artistic abilities in 1979 and became a graffiti artist in the notorious Bronx River Projects. He continued to evolve and went from street artist to full time multimedia artist. Mark has studied in all fields of art and his portfolio extends across diverse projects such as murals, interior design, automobiles, along with his ability to use multiple mediums.


"We the willing led by the unknown have come so far in so little time that we are now able to do anything with nothing, and it's all for the love of art and people." Mark Lawrence

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